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Slingshot: The Fast Track to Financial Freedom In Auto Repair

DISCOVER THE FAST TRACK TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM IN AUTO REPAIR Slingshot (definition): An auto racing technique that involves moving suddenly from the rear of the pack to the front of the pack and into the winner’s circle. In Slingshot, author David Dickson describes the phenomenon that catapulted him from being a broke auto repair shop owner with $150,000 of debt to having a chain of twenty-one shops four years later. You’ll read about David’s inspiring rags-to-riches story as he recounts exactly how he pulled a “slingshot” maneuver in his race to financial freedom. More important, he explains the exact process he used, so you can “slingshot” your business to financial freedom too. You’ll discover the specific action steps you need to take in sales, marketing, personnel, and operations in order to leap into the winner’s circle in record time.

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    Looking forward to learning more about you, and setting up personal coaching!!

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