How Would You Like Consistent, Predictable Growth In Your Car Count, And Shop Sales?

Dear fellow auto repair shop owner,

My name is Dave Dickson, and I grew from 1 small auto repair shop, to an empire of 21 shops in less than 5 years.

This growth was possible because I had a very specific marketing formula that allowed me to increase my car count as quickly and often as I wanted. After building such an empire I wanted to find out if this secret formula that worked for me would work in other shops too.

Long story shot, the answer is a big yes it does!

For the last ten years I have been working with shop owners around the world helping them implement this formula and the only conclusion is... IT WORKS! No matter whats going on with the economy. No matter what neighborhood your shop is in. And it does not matter if your in an industrial park or on a busy street.

Now You Might Not Believe Me, But If You Do, You Think There Is Some Reason This Wont Work For You!


I know exactly how you feel. In fact I felt the same way back when I was first getting started.

O that's right I forgot to mention... When I opened my first shop I got my butt kicked. See I came from corporate America and when I opened my shops I played copy cat with my marketing. Meaning if the Goodyear across the street did it, well I did it too. Guess what... I started failing miserably. It was so bad that I was actually running my own personal credit card through my machine on Wednesdays to cover payroll on Fridays.

How Did I Manage To Turn Things Around?

Kicking and screaming fighting him all the way, I finally decided to try some advice from a mentor of mine. And what do you know it worked. So I did more, and more, and more, and opened a second shop, then a third. All along the way I was fine tuning and perfecting this marketing formula I was developing.

So how do you take advantage of this information and put it to use in your shop?

Check out the multiple ways below and get started today!

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