Goals Part 4 – Staying on track

Alright everyone… This will be the final article in our series on goals.

Today I want to share with you how to track your progress on your goals and what to do if your behind or ahead.

Just writing out your goals is not going to some how magically make your life better. They give you something to strive for. But you do not need to reach those goals before you feel the sense of accomplishment. As soon as you start making little bits of progress you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

The trick is that you have to take action to start seeing results. There is a formula that goes like this. There is unlimited potential out there. Depending on the level of potential you believe you have, will determine the amount of action you take for a given task or situation. The amount of action you take, will determine your results. The results you get, will reinforce or discourage your beliefs, and the cycle continues. Either spiraling up, where you are constantly taking more action and getting better results. Or spiraling down getting less and less.

The reason I have taken so long with this series and broken it down like I have, is to give you the greatest possibility for success. At this point you should have your goals broken down to what you need to do on a weekly basis. Every week you need to be measuring to see if your are in fact reaching your goal. When you see that you are achieving the little goals it strengthens your beliefs allowing you to take more action and get even better and better.

But what happens if you are coming up short?

Go back and analyze your goals. If your goal was to take your shop from 300k to 1 million in sales in 1 year that is a tall order my friend. Not impossible but very difficult. There is nothing wrong with saying “ok we are going to hit 600k this year and 1 million next year.”  Then work backwards again. The reason for measuring every week is so that you start to see all the little accomplishments to give you the feeling of progress and strengthen your beliefs. If that’s continually not happening, you will destroy your belief of yourself and your abilities. Typically when this happens people quite and give up all together usually falling further behind that when they started. It is almost more dangerous than having no benchmark at all.

If however you believe you have set a reasonable goal, but for some reason you are not able to make the changes… ask for help. Somewhere there is someone who has reached the goal that you are trying to reach. You would be amazed at how freely they will share information with you.

There is no way I would have had the quick success that I did with my shops if I tried to figure everything out on my own. I was able to follow advice from super smart people who truly wanted to see me succeed. Everyone of my mentors also had someone help them along their journey to success. Then they made me promise to help others once I reached the top. If you need help I’d be happy to be the guy.

On the other side of the spectrum… Most of my clients, who actually follow through and do what I tell them to do, realize they set their goals amazingly low. A typical new client will have a shop doing $600k a year in gross sales and they would like to get to $700k next year, and in a few years hit the 1 million mark or open a second location. Well the clients that dive in head first and implement everything as fast as possible have doubled their business in a year.

A few months in they say Dave I’m going to totally crush my goals what do I do?

The secret answer….

Set new ones? Just like before there is nothing wrong with a course correction. You want to be hitting your goals but it should be challenging.

The big thing that should happen when you start really hitting your goals is to start to enjoy life. If you are hitting your financial goals you can certainly increase them, and set higher goals. But what if you instead increased the amount of time you spent with your family? Or took more vacations? Or joined a community volunteer organization?

Just a thought.

Well that wraps things up for the goal setting series. I really hope this has been helpful. I know I have not pulled any punches on my end, trying to deliver some really awesome information for you. If you are in the category where you know you could use some help, and you’re not quite sure what to do next I would love to help.

Simply send me an email at perfectdayinc@gmail.com and in the subject line put “free consultation”. Don’t worry I wont give you some crazy hard sales pitch, (quite honestly most people I talk to don’t qualify for my coaching anyway), I would just like to help.


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