Success Is Predictable

I have added quite a few new members to my 1 on 1 coaching program recently, and that means I am getting to interact with a lot of new people. These people don’t really know me yet and I don’t really know them but I would be willing to be that I can predict the ones who are going to have massive success and turn their shops around, and the others who are only going to get incremental improvement. This reminded me of an article I published back in 2008 about success prediction.

I have re-posted the article below for today’s post. If you are serious about real, meaningful, lasting success read carefully.



I was reading an article by author and coach Dan Miller. The main statement in his article was, “The biggest mistake people make in choosing a career is picking something just because they are good at it.” He goes on to say, “Remembering the happiest times in your life and the times when you felt the most fulfilled are better indicators of your calling than just knowing what you can do.”

He identifies five “top predictors of success:”






I agree with Dan and I want to talk a little bit about each one of these.

Passion- is a deep emotional attachment or investment in your work. It’s a lot more than just being interested or curious. It’s being intrigued. It’s becoming a student of your industry or business. It’s putting a piece of your soul into what you do.

Determination- is a laser like focus on your goal. Determination is what keeps you from getting side tracked when unexpected obstacles arise. Determination is what allows you to get back up when you get knocked down. If your passion is high, the determination to succeed just follows naturally.

Joy- is the wonderful feeling you get when you’re doing something you like. A good test of joy is that it is usually independent of money. In other words we’d do the things we enjoy whether we were getting paid or not. Joy is an important ingredient in success. Joy makes success sustainable. When the joy leaves, it’s only a matter of time before the business collapses. This doesn’t mean that everything we do in our business has to bring us joy, but joy MUST be in there somewhere for you and the business to survive. When we were going through particularly joyless times in my business I would put the joy back with my sense of humor. A good laugh always brings me joy.

Self-discipline- is the key predictor. Nothing happens without action. Nothing of value is created and sustained without focused action. Self-discipline is the characteristic and value that makes this happen. Self-discipline is what allows the farmer to get up at 4AM to milk the cows. Self-discipline is what allows the best athlete to do one more rep when everyone else is quitting. Self-discipline is the ability to do the important, high value tasks that drive your business forward.

Faith- is the willingness to leap into the unknown. It’s conquering fear and moving forward. When Robin and I are talking to a potential franchisee I hold my thumb and my fore-finger about a quarter of an inch apart and I tell them that’s the “leap of faith” that they have to make if they want to be successful. If they are willing and able to make that leap, we can give them everything else they need to be successful. If they can’t make that leap all of the tools that we can offer will be useless. Faith and the action that follows is an affirmation in a belief that stretches beyond the facts in front of you. Faith is the “wild card”. Faith is the secret ingredient in the recipe of success. Without it the cake never rises…

Too many times when I’m doing individual coaching it becomes obvious that one or more of these critical success predictors is missing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has to get out of the business they are in. What it means is that they have to re-position themselves within the business so that they are in an area doing a “thing” that fires ALL of their success predictors. This is very important, fundamental stuff. Too many people, me included, do things just because they are good at it. I spent years early in my career in a finance office in a car dealership. I was good at, but I no passion for the paperwork, and no joy in the repetitive process. I finally moved on to running dealerships which was a much better fit, but even that didn’t completely fulfill my entrepreneurial passion. That’s why I’m doing what I do today. Coaching, teaching, giving people opportunities, these are the things that hit every one of the success predictors for me.

So, are ALL of your success predictors working? If not, what would your life look like if they were? What would you have to change to make it happen? What are you waiting for? Answer the questions and get started, NOW!!!

Success is predictable,

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